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I’m THILLED to be able to teach this class with Chris Anne Powersthis summer at Perpich Center! These curricula have been blowing my mind for nearly 15 years now! They hold so much potential for Middle School – High School performing ensembles and college musicianship skills classes. Learn to lead your students into thoughtful improvisation based on tonal harmony. As your students progress through the third level of CS, the Ear-First approach continues, guiding students to have no limits on inventiveness in their Step 5 – Conversationally Create activities. If your aim is to grow musically conversant musicians, who can sing or play what’s on the page, and can also invent their own musical ideas in response to what they hear, then Conversational Solfege has a road tested plan for you.

College Credits for your Professional Advancement

For an additional $110, plus a written assignment of lesson plans you can use in your own program, you can pick up 2 credits from Seattle Pacific University. Registration for course credits will open up about a week before class and takes less than 10 min. to complete.  The registration portal will stay open till after the second class has taken place. 


I’m excited to be able to offer these online virtual courses with Dr. Feierabend.

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Additional Locations in the works:

WyomingNevadaLos Angeles, CASalem, OR
Coeur D’Arlene, IdahoNew MexicoSouth Dakota

For more on the courses, check out the Course Descriptions.

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