Graduate Credits/CEUs

Graduate Credits or Clock Hours (CEUs) from Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University (SPU) has provided the following information for those interested in earning grad credits or CEUs for either course, First Steps in Music or Conversational Solfege (Levels 1 and 2). SPU is a long-standing pro at this so you will find the credit registration process to go smoothly. Let me know if you need assistance . I will provide a link you can use to register and pay SPU online with a credit or debit card after you have registered for a class and usually not more than 30 days before the course starts. 

College Credits or Clock Hours (CEUs) available

First Steps in Music
(2 graduate credits or 20 clock hours) 

Conversational Solfege

(2 graduate credits or 20 clock hours) 

SPU Refund Policy: Withdrawal requests submitted online through SPU within 48 hours of the first class session will receive a 100% refund of SPU tuition. After this point, no refund will be granted and all withdrawals must be submitted prior to the final class session. Instructions on how to withdraw can be found at: under Students/Withdrawal and Refund Policies.

Evaluations: Students will be emailed a link to an online evaluation form from SPUs Continuing Professional Office at the end of the course.

Grades: Students will be emailed a grade report once grades have been submitted. If a student would like transcripts, SPU has this information on their website, or students can access it directly through this link: How to order a transcript.

NOTE: Students will need to wait until after their grades are posted to request a transcript.