Seven Steps to District-Wide Curriculum Certification

1. Attend a conference session to learn about this approach and follow-up online.

2. Book John for a PD day.

3. Seek a majority of the department chairs and admins for sponsorship.

4. Get with Music-ade to acquire delivery date & curriculum ideas.

5. Get Approval & Contracts signed.

6. Certification Course Delivery. It’s your starting point to ALL the benefits of having your music department on the same literacy page.

7. Book follow-up sessions to answer questions and fine-tune your experience using the Feierabend curricula in your music department.

Covering the Costs of Hosting Certification Course

Thinking about hosting a class and wondering about the finances?

If you have a department that you’d like to train to adopt a Feierabend Curricula, departmental certification courses can be tailored to your school’s schedule. It’s four-full days of course work. Districts often spread out these days during their scheduled professional days. John travels to you for each professional day and leads a meaningful day of learning and instruction full of philosophy, pedagogy and practical knowledge to optimize your teaching practice. To offset your cost, a district may invite in outside participants.

Generally, we need a minimum of 22 participants ($400 – $500 per registration) to cover all the costs associated with putting up a course on site. If you hope to host a class at your venue but don’t have all 22 participants – or the money to pay the difference, FAME could host the course if we think that we can fill the spots at your chosen venue and dates with participants from outside your community who are interested in a certification coming close to them.