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As an endorsed teacher trainer, John offers quality professional development in the Feierabend curricula in a fun, interactive way, so teachers can spend their time teaching.

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Summer 2024 – Check back soon


Join me at the WMEA in Yakima, WA – February 17, 2024
An Ear-First Approach to Music Reading,
pt. 1 – Rhythmic & pt. 2 – Tonal

Join me at the OAKE National Conference
Chicago, IL – March 14 – 16, 2024
Harmony and Improvisation with Conversational Solfege

Looking forward to the future with a
New Course to Share: CSUL
(a.k.a. Upper Levels)

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Did you know that John is also a bookseller of all the Feierabend Resources?
If you’re planning a bulk order for your district, Email John to facilitate the order.

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Feier-Curious About What Musical First-graders Look Like?

Being musical looks like…

New Directions that John would like to share

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🕊️ As a pianist, John specializes in
Honoring Life with Music:
as a memorial service pianist
John offers his unique music on location
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