Workshops/Conference Presentations

Music-ade offers a range of presentations on the Feierabend philosophies, pedagogy, and curricula that can speak to a wide range of teaching levels and areas of Music Education.

Method Overview Talks

First Steps in Music Overview           
Part 1: Singing (60-180 min)
Part 2: Moving (60-180 min)

Conversational Solfege, Level 1 and 2 Overview 
Level 1: Rhythmic (60-180 min)
Level 2: Tonal (60-180 min)

Topic Specific Sessions
First Steps in Music

Develop a Movement Vocabulary in the Music Classroom: A Deep Dive into the Book of Creative Movement. (1-6 hours)

Improvise Everyday: Arioso techniques and timeline for growing the ability to jam vocally. (1-3 hours)

First Steps with Upper Elementary
Repurposing the First Steps Workout for Upper Elementary. (60-180 min)

Music with Infants and Toddlers for the Childcare Professional:
Interacting Musically right from the beginning.  (60-180 min). presented to the AEYC

Music with Preschoolers for the Childcare Professional:
Interacting musically once they’re verbal and moving.  (60-180 min) presented to the AEYC

Unpacking the New 2020 Edition of First Steps in Music©️
Plan and cumulatively grow Tuneful, Beatful and Artful students with the new edition of the FSM teacher manual.

Early Childhood Online in the Vocal Classroom Setting:
Join Feierabend Association teacher trainer John Crever for tricks and tips, from First Steps in Music©️

Topic Specific Sessions
Conversational Solfege

Rigorous Literacy Techniques for the Music Classroom: Building a repertoire of games to keep the students engaged. 
Part 1: Lower Elementary (90-180 min)
Part 2: Upper Elementary (90-180 min)

Next Steps into Harmony, From Echo Songs to Canons:
A logical Pathway toward singing in polyphony with an upper elementary classroom. (60-180 min)

Off the Wall With the Words We Use:  
Techniques for using the Word Wall in the “About Music” Part of the Lesson. (60-90 min) 

Doing the Conversational Shuffle:  
Planning, leading and assessing the 12-Steps of CS to keep the curriculum moving. (60-90 min) 

Adaptions to Sight-Reading Curriculum for Online Instruction:
Join Feierabend Association teacher trainer John Crever for tips and resources to progress students from conversationally making music to writing original tunes they imagine while in online learning.

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