Workshops/Conference Presentations

Music-ade offers a range of presentations on the Feierabend philosophies, pedagogy, and curricula that can speak to a wide range of teaching levels and areas of Music Education.

Method Overview Talks

First Steps in Music Overview           
Part 1: Singing (60-180 min)
Part 2: Moving (60-180 min)

Conversational Solfege, Level 1 and 2 Overview 
Level 1: Rhythmic (60-180 min)
Level 2: Tonal (60-180 min)


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Topic Specific Sessions

Rigorous Literacy Techniques for the Music Classroom 
Part 1: Early Elementary (90 min)
Part 2: Upper Elementary (90 min)

Creative Movement with a Purpose (1-6 hours)

Next Steps: Singing in Harmony
A Pathway to Part-Singing in the Upper Elementary 
Vocal Music Class (60-180 min)

First Steps with Upper Elementary (60-180 min)

Teach with a 30-Year Plan to grow a musically rich community (60 min)

Word Wall  
The “About Music” Part of the Lesson ​(60-90 min) 

Music for Infants and Toddlers 
Interacting Musically from the beginning  (60-180 min)