Register for a Course

4-steps to Registering for a FSM/CS Certification Course

1. Complete the registration form below and click on the “Register” button at the bottom of the form.   (An optional paper form is available below.)

Registration has been temporarily disabled. Most of our 2020 classes have been canceled due to the corona virus pandemic. Please check back for updates often, or follow on social media. Thank you.

2. Go to the shop and click on your choice of course in the Shop to add it to your cart. Choose either FSM or CS. They’re not location specific.

3. Order your choice of books from the Shop at least three weeks before class. For book suggestions check out the FAQ’s.
3. Pay for course and books in the Shop.

Space Saver Deposit

Pay for the course registration in full in the Shop at the time of checkout. If you plan to pay a $100 place holder and pay the balance 30 days before the start of class, then do not add course to your cart. I will send an invoice for the course with a payment link. Click on the link and make a $100 payment towards the invoice. Pay the balance in as many payments as you need before the the 30-day mark. I need to issue this invoice manually, and this is a new system in testing mode, so if you don’t hear from me in 2-3 days, reach out and ask if you were registered.

🙏🏼 I’m developing a new, simplified online registration process. I try to follow-up on registration immediately with a “Follow-Up” email.  If you haven’t seen a follow-up email from me within two days, let me know by email so I’m aware there are still some kinks. 🙏🏼

Need a paper registration form?

Feierabend Association for Music Education (More Details Coming Soon!)