About Music-ade, LLC

Music-ade is an effort to bring professional development opportunities in the Feierabend Approach closer to teachers in a logical way, with the end-goal of growing musical communities and music literacy for all.

Based on the educational philosophies of renowned early-childhood music educator and researcher, John Feierabend, teachers will experience a unique introduction to Musical Expression, Creative Movement and Music Reading with their students. All sessions are designed and taught by veteran child music educator, John Crever.

John Crever is a driven educator with more than 28 years of music instructional, coaching, composition, production, management and community-organizing experience.  John is endorsed by the Feierabend Association for Music Education (FAME) as a teacher trainer for Conversational Solfege™️ and First Steps in Music©. 

In addition to his own classroom work, John leads workshops for teachers across the country sharing Feierabend’s Kodaly-inspired approach to an ear-first, conversational strategy to grow musically rich communities.

My hope in sharing these songs, rhymes, and activities is to nurture a sense of imagination, curiosity and love of singing and dancing for a lifetime to come.  
John Crever

The Feierabend approach to music education strives to grow long-term musical richness in every student by teaching in an inclusive, interactive, and participatory ear-first approach.

With every lesson, students grow

Musical Intelligence
Singing Skills
Sensitivity to the Beat
Expressive Movement
Musical Memory
Neurological Connections

John Feierabend’s philosophies stem from the Kodaly Method for music education that believes music programs should be rich in the repertoire of traditional children’s songs, rhymes, games and dances that develop children’s musical aptitude.

A Musical Workout for Children

First Steps in Music© is based on extensive research related to the development of singing and movement skills in young children and practical experience from years of sharing musical activities with this age group.

First Steps in Music© opens up musical creativity in a natural, fun, child-centered way, using traditional folk songs and musical games passed down by ear by generations of children.

The Affective

Participating in the First Steps Workouts will also…

Inspire children to listen, feel and move to music.

Stimulate a child’s imagination through songs and movement.

Encourage constructive social interactions with other children and their families.

Be fun for kids and adults alike.

Be a gift for students to share with their families for generations to come.

Learn to read music with Conversational Solfege™️ and lots of singing and dancing.

Conversational Solfege™️ is a music-reading curriculum that grows literacy by developing a deeper understanding of music as a language in a conversational, ear-first approach.

CS can plug into any music program for ages eight and beyond .

Noticeable Results

More accurate musicianship skills when singing alone and with others.

Increased confidence in singing alone and with others.

A wider sensitivity to the expressive qualities in music.


What Teachers Are Saying…

Portland, Oregon
“I learned a sequential way to teach music literacy.”
“The class was “Awesome!”

Seattle, WA
“John’s passion, knowledge, and energy are ‘ridiculous.’”

San Diego, CA
“The class is personal and interactive.”
“Loved my time here – it was helpful.”
“John made a complex topic seem possible to teach.”

Video Testimonials Coming!

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