Artie Alameda’s Movement Cards.

Can you remember the first time music really made a significant impression on you as a young person? Most of us have some recollection of a song or lullaby or even a series of songs from an artist that will forever play a part in who we are today. It’s amazing how many fond memories just one song can bring back, for instance, memories like: playing with our parents or siblings on a warm summer night, baking with a beloved aunt who came to visit, or perhaps playing board games all day as we sang along to our favorite lyrics. What is equally interesting is knowing that most of us enjoyed and responded to music as a baby or toddler, but simply can’t remember. Can you imagine yourself moving to the beat as a baby? There are so many examples of us now in family videos and across different medias, developing our coordination through music and rhythms as youngsters, as we sway, bounce up and down, clap our hands and stomp our feet. Music helps youngsters explore what their bodies can do and how they move in the surrounding space. It truly is an integral part of growing up with optimum awareness, creative self-expression, motor skills and intelligence.

If you’re interested in learning all about creative musical movement, take a look at Artie Alameda’s Movement Cards pdf. You’re welcome to download them for you and your students as a visual aid and inspiration to musical thinking. Are you totally new to the Musical Movement concept? Check out the video Movement Exploration: Virtual Edition with  Jane Kahan or Feierside Chat #2 – Music and Creative Movement with John Feierabend.

~ Happy Moving to the Beat!