John is a driven educator with more than 25 years of music instruction, production, management, and community-organizing experience. His ability to connect with students and teachers of diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds has enabled him to successfully teach general music and choir in communities ranging from those ravaged by urban blight, to suburban private settings, to overseas in the international school system in the Arabian Gulf. Throughout, he has carried his love of Kodaly education from Westminster Choir College (BM ’93, MM ’96) to these diverse venues.

Alt-Write Techniques for Conversational Solfege

Before Pencil and Paper Try Some Alt-Write Techniques:Writing Steps in Conversational SolfegeJohn Crever, FAME Endorsed Teacher Trainer “In Conversational Solfege (CS) the recommended amount of time spent in the Writing Steps (9-12) is significantly less than that spent developing conversational skills at Steps 2-5 (Conversational Solfege.)  After mastering the Reading Steps in a unit, it’s …

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Judas Maccabee Finger Play

Lyrics Mattathias bold [Flex both arms, showing strength]  Five great sons had he, [show 5 fingers of one hand]  Elieazar, oldest son, [show 1 thumb] Simon, John and Jonathan, [show fingers #2, 3, and 4] And Judas Maccabe, Judas Maccabe [hammer fists together]   “This finger play was shared with me by a senior teacher …

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